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T h e   D o v e    L e a n   L i b r a r y

The Dove Lean Library is outlined below.

This will give you a feel for the tools we can use to blow a favourable wind through your enterprise and drive for a sustainable lean culture.  

Cogs of THe Dove Model

The imperative, everything revolves around this, it shapes decisions from the bottom to the top of the business.

The question ‘If I do this, will it compromise standardised work?’  brings a whole new dimension to decision making. 


On the wall; good clear visual management (Information centres) produce ‘Managers at every level’.

People see the progress and effects for themselves meaning that management direction becomes simply a confirmation rather than an instruction. 

On the floor; practical daily work place confirmation.

Visible work and clear expectations help make every day and every visit add value, leading to coaching opportunities and increased performance.

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So much more than just a clean and tidy workplace! 

Making order out of chaos is the true use of 5S.

Everything in its place means that abnormalities stand out, managers can ‘see’ rather than ‘search’, saving management time.  

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

The support for production stability and demand driven flow. 

Reliable equipment shaped by reliable operator involvement. 

Think about cars, in the 70’s they needed 6,000 mile services, now 24,000 miles, the key? Improved technologies but more importantly more reliance on the operator detecting and acting upon visual and audible cues – The essence of TPM!

QCO  - Quality Control Operations

The Formula 1 method of a pit stop, good organisation, minimised waste and everyone playing an exacting part. 

QCO is not all about machines and dies, it's for anything that switches production or a process.

Passing on work to the next stage, shift handovers, old to new products, its so much more than SMED.

Process chain hand offs